#MTBoS A Day in Finneyfrock’s Life!!

Thursday, January 14th

5:00 Alarm goes off

5:05: Check Instagram, snapchat, and facebook

5:15-5:30: Throw on sweats for yoga and pack my school bag

5:30: Off to Yoga

6:00- 7:00: Hot Yoga. Namaste 🙂

7:00-7:20: Getting kinda pretty

7:20: Off to School

7:35: School! Eat my breakfast and drink some coffee while I read through my daily Skimm and Charlotte Agenda emails.

8:05: Meet with my advisory and read the daily blog.

8:20-9:15: A-Block Geometry. Today in class we reviewed for a quiz tomorrow. I created Scavenger Hunt Stations  to practice identifying special quadrilaterals, and finding interior and exterior angles of polygons.  These are the station cards and worksheet that went along with the activity!

9:20-11:10: Planning! I have both of my plannings in the morning. During this time I finished planning for my algebra 1 class and printed quizzes for the next day. I also have a Delta Math assignment due tomorrow, so I had about 6 students coming in and out asking questions (they had drop) during the last 30 minutes of planning.

11:15-12:00: LUNCH!!! Woohooo! The math department shares an office, so we all ate lunch together 🙂

12:05-1:00: Geometry

1:05-2:00: Geometry

2:05-3:00: Algebra 1- We are currently working on scatter plots. Today I introduced coefficient correlations and we played Guess the Correlation all together! I also through together a few other examples not from that site. My students then worked through a Linear Regression Demos Activity about Gray Wolves. My students loved giving the math context. When they all finished, we discuss the activity. I then had them play an AWESOME scatter plot polygraph. Fun class!

3:00-3:30 – Helped students.

3:30-4:30- Teacher yoga! I usually don’t do yoga twice in one day, but I was just feeling it today.

4:30-5:15- Finished up some work to prepare for tomorrow.

5:45- Home for the night!

6:00 Made some perogies for dinner (healthy I know) and put on some Parenthood!

Now I am still watching Parenthood while writing this blog post, and I will probably be heading to sleep soon!

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2 thoughts on “#MTBoS A Day in Finneyfrock’s Life!!

  1. Wow! 3 blog posts yesterday! You are on fire! I need to get back to doing some yoga. I’m jealous that your math department eats lunch together. My school is small, there are only 2 math teachers and I rarely see the other guy.


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