Desmos Activities

Hi All!! So I have decided to put all of the Desmos Activities I created in one place!

If you are unfamiliar with Desmos Activity go to to get started! You can also add your activities and check out other activities in the Desmos Bank!  If you have any questions let me know! Enjoy! 🙂 I also blogged about how to turn on Marble Slides and Card Sorts here! 

Geometry Card Sorts


Coordinate Geometry

  • Discovering Midpoints.:This activity has students work through finding the midpoint between two points. Helps students create their own definition for midpoint by relating midpoints to averages.


Points of Concurrency– UPDATED: Completely taught through AB- Mostly in Vertex (transformation) Form. Blogged about it as well Triangle Centers Algebraically: Completely Student-Paced Using #Desmos AB


Points of Concurrency: Year one. Less Student-Paced – Mostly in standard form


Parallel Line Proofs



Quadratic Formula: Students review and practice using the quadratic formula (song included)

Using Roots to Create Quadratic Equations: Students learn how to use roots to create a quadratic equation.

Interactive: Using Roots to Create Quadratic Equations: Practice using roots to write quadratic equations by flying angry birds, catching Pokemon, and going scuba diving!

Projectile Motion – Quadratic Application: Students learn to apply their knowledge of quadratics for projectile motion problems.


Polygraph Polynomials (Jim Baumgart) – Started off playing polygraph to see what vocabulary they could apply before starting the unit.

What is your end behavior? : Students explore the beginning and end behavior of polynomials.

Graphing Polynomials: Students learn how to graph polynomials by using their roots and dilation/compression.

Match my Polynomial: Coaster Edition (Interactive): Match my polynomial – Roller-coaster edition. Students practice writing equations of polynomials with an added bonus 🙂

Finding Roots of a Polynomial: This is an activity that was created from CPM lesson 8.3.2 in CC Algebra 2 book. It starts with a warm up going over polynomial division from the 8.3.1 which was introduced as a puzzle. The activity then leads into exploring how to solve for all of the roots of a polynomial.


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