Hey All! I decided to put my Pear Decks in one place. Pear Deck is an amazing tool that is connected with google. You can create interactive lessons that show up on your front board, Ipad, AND students computers. There is now a student-paced mode  that has added a lot of differentiation in the class! Students also receive the lecture as a “take away” in their google drive after class! The teacher also receives a copy, and both teacher and student can edit the document after! If you haven’t had a chance to check it out I definitely recommend it! Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions! 🙂

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Geometry Vocab/Distance Midpoint

  • First Day of School: My first day of school Peardeck has fun “get to know each other” claim and warrant statements. I also use “agree or disagree” draggable to discuss the different math misconceptions and policies for the class.
  • Vocab and Distance: This Peardeck uses Claim and Warrant statements to review vocab words from the night before. It then uses student-paced mode for students to look up other vocabulary. It also includes a Desmos Polygraph for students to practice vocab as they wait for other students to finish. This was the 2nd time students tried this polygraph. The 1st time they did not know any of the vocab.  It also introduces using the Pythagorean theorem for finding distance and provides practice and answers for students.
  • Congruent/Equal/Symbols: This Peardeck examines the different uses of congruent and equal. Students also learn the different symbols and how to distinguish between lines, rays, and segments. There is a distance review at the end. There are two Desmos Card Sort Activities embedded in this Peardeck. Congruent vs. Equal Card Sort. Line/Segment/Ray Card Sort.


Logic and proofs:

Parallel Line and Triangles

Points of Concurrency

  • Equations of Lines: Create lines and perpendicular lines in standard form when given the slope
  • Circumcenter:  Finding the Circumcenter using standard form and elimination. Includes an embedded Desmos Activity on creating perpendicular bisectors.
  • Orthocenter : Desmos Activity is embedded in this Pear Deck.
  • Centroid



  • Translations: This PearDeck first introduces translations through a Desmos Activity. The Desmos Activity is included in the PearDeck. Students learn how to write the rules and graph translations.
  • Reflections  This PearDeck first introduces reflections through a Desmos Activity. The Desmos Activity is included in the PearDeck. Students learn how to reflect shapes.
  • Dilations This PearDeck first introduces dilations through a Desmos Activity. The Desmos Activity is included in the PearDeck. Students learn how graph dilations. Students also practice their transformations through a Desmos Polygraph.

Algebra 1


Systems of Linear Equations


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