The Desmos Ladder! – Tracking Team Progression

This year we have started using the CPM curriculum for geometry and algebra 2. Students are constantly working in their teams to problem solve and typically are on different problems at different times. Keeping track of where each team is can be difficult especially when you have a large number of teams.  Creating a problem ladder is a great to tool to help regulate their progression.

Typically, I would write their problems on the board and they would move their group’s magnet to the problem they are working on. When they finish a problem they “red light” me and then they get approval to prove on the ladder. It gives me an idea of where every group is and if a group is slacking or moving too fast through the problems. It also gives the students a good sense of where they are.

I decided to make the switch from writing the ladder on the board every day to creating a ladder on Desmos. Teams are now able to create their own team names and come up to the board to move their team along. The ladder really helps to regulate a collaborative classroom. Here is a template for creating your own Desmos Ladder for your classroom! 

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 7.03.15 AM.png