Instagrams for Quadrilaterals #LetmeTellYouAboutMyShape

I was trying to come up with a fun project to practice properties of quadrilaterals when I stumbled upon Drawing on Math ‘s blog post about quadrilateral Instagrams. I use Instagram in the classroom all the time, and my students love using it! After learning all of the properties of quadrilaterals, I decided to give it a try.  I gave my students 45 minutes in class to work on it and the rest was homework. I used the guidelines from the original but then altered them slightly. IMG_7084

Instagram Poster Guidelines. 

  • Sign up for a shape
    • I put all of the shapes on the whiteboard and assigned three numbers to each shape. I told my students that they could sign up for their shape, but it was first come first serve. It was a MAD RUSH, but kind of exciting seeing how certain students were persistent on having a certain shape!
  • Make up a username and description (definition)
    • Students made this part extremely realistic. They created hometowns, added Snapchat usernames, and shout outs to their best friends and significant others! (all shapes of course! )
  • Take at least 5 self-portraits
    • 5 self-portraits was the original guideline when we started. However, we added #womencrushwednesday #mancrushmondays #shapecrushsaturday #tbt to the mix of pictures.
  • Write captions, hashtags, and descriptions from other shapes (describe all properties)
    • In this part of the project, students really got clever with their comments and captions.
    • When doing their #crushday post, students talked about the other shapes in the captions of their pictures.
    • A student with a parallelogram posted a picture of a square, rectangle and rhombus and talked about how proud he was of his “children”.
    • Comments from other shapes referenced the shapes similarities and differences

My students seemed to have a lot of fun with this project. They were able to be witty and creative while practicing the properties of quadrilaterals. I told my students that they could get as creative as they wanted. This gave a lot of creative freedom to my students who strive in creativity but did not limit the students who were not creative. Super fun way to end this section!! I started class the next day with a gallery walk so students could see their peers work! They loved it!

Check out some of their projects below!!!

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