The Real Barbie Girl: Proportions Come to Life!

Geometry students have all seen proportions before. I really wanted students to understand proportions and not just know how to solve them. After reading Julie Reulbach’s post on Barbie Proportions, I knew I had to try it out!

After a quick introduction and practice with solving proportions using a  PearDeck presentation, students were ready to start the activity.

In my A-block class (11 students), students work in groups of 2 and one group of 3. In D-b lock and E-block  (20 and 16 students) they worked in groups of 4. I liked the smaller groups better. Every student was ACTIVITY participating. As the groups became larger students started slacking off. However, I did collect every students worksheet with their Barbie Proportion work.

I LOVED this activity. Students could practice solving proportions, and see how DISproportional Barbies really are! A lot of my students were actually shocked about Barbie’s proportions! Especially the size of her legs and feet! Super long legs and realllly tiny feet!  I think that it gave them a great understanding of what it really means for things to be proportional. Students also loved measuring and tracing their peers on giant paper! What better way to learn about proportions than by making them come to life!!!


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