Constructions Using Geogebra

Today in geometry we started our constructions unit. I decided to gear away from paper and pencil straight edge and compass constructions and move towards doing construction on Geogebra. Using a new tool is always stressful especially for 14/15 year olds who already have the stress of starting high school. I decided that the best way to get them used to using Geogebra was by letting them play Euclid the Game. I worked through the tutorial and level 1 with all of the students and then let them start working through the levels by themselves. At first my students were aggravated that I wouldn’t tell them how to complete the constructions. I tell my students that this is called their “productive struggle”. Although aggravating they know that figuring it out themselves will help them be better learners. Some students passed levels faster than others, and as class went on students started working together and helping each other. It was awesome seeing how excited they were getting by doing constructions! Our class was an hour and a half today, so I usually give my students a five minute break to walk around and grab food or drinks. When I told them that we were having a break and then starting something else they said “NOOOOO! Can we keep doing this?!!” I was so happy that they loved the activity so much! It was definitely a great start to constructions.

After our break I passed out a foldable that had instructions on how to create constructions on Geogebra. I also gave them the link to a Youtube Channel that has videos on how to do constructions on Geogebra. For homework students have to practice copying segments and angles on Geogebra.

Overall great way to start constructions and introduce Geogebra!

IMG_5677IMG_5674IMG_5669IMG_5661IMG_5690 IMG_5662IMG_5696


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